Shade Structures, Carports, Patio Overhangs, Ground Mounted Solar Installations, Residential & Commercial Electrical, Solar Installations, Remodeling & Repairs.


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Maedl Construction offers a variety of commercial and residential construction and electrical services. Our specialties include carport construction, solar carports, patio construction and solar patio overhangs, electrical services for commercial and residential buildings, standalone solar electrical system design and installations and building remodeling and repairs. 

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Our Services

Maedl Construction has built commercial carports and other shade structures like walkway overhangs that can facilitate larger solar installations for commercial properties. In many cases, construction costs can count toward Federal incentives. 

We can manage carports and similar projects from design to construction. Maedl has delivered solar-integrated carport structures to improve the cost effectiveness of commercial and residential solar installations alike.  

Maedl Construction can engineer, plan, permit and build patio structures like concrete patios, stone tile or wooden decks, or construct custom patio overhangs for shade or to house integrates solar electric systems. 

Maedl Construction designs and installs ground mount solar installations for agricultural, commercial or residential applications. We can install one of the simplest and most cost effective ground mount bases available on the market. 

Maedl Construction offers a full line of electrical services for both commercial, agricultural and residential buildings. We offer service panel upgrades, electrical rewiring and repair, electrical for remodels and new construction and other electrical services. 

Let Maedl Construction design, plan, permit and construct your remodel or repairs for any commercial or residential building. Whether you’ve suffered damage from tree fall or weather or just want to remodel, Maedl has the experience to deliver. 

Electrical Services

Meadle Construction offers a full line of electrical services for bith commercial, agricultural or residential applications. 

Whether you’re looking for a service panel upgrade, energy efficiency upgrades for your building or a custom solar installation, Maedl Construction can deliver a high quality design and execution. 

Call us for electrical problems in your home or commercial building, or for rewiring an old structure. 

We’re also available to wire electrical for new construction, or remodels or repaired areas of your home or commercial building. 

Ground Mount Solar

Maedl Construction has countless hours of experience with a wide variety of solar installations. 

We’ve subcontracted installations, design, engineered and permited custom energy solutions for agricultural, commercial and residential buildings and we have tons of relationships within the solar industry to get you the best rates and quickest returns on investment. 

Maedl Construction can engineer mobile energy solutions and provide grid-tied or off grid residential solar installations. 

We also specialize in ground mount solar structures and can deliver one of the lowest cost ground mount racking solutions for your ground mount solar power system. 


Construction & Remodeling

Maedl Construction has hundreds of construction projects under our belt, large and small. We’ve designed and executed hundreds for residential, agricultural and commercial construction projects. 

We’ve got experience building structures like carports, shade structures, patios, and commercial repairs and remodels. 

Maedl construction can handle roofing, traditional building and remodels, solar integrated structures and solutions and a full array of electrical services. 

We’ve even built custom structures for agricultural or commercial use like stables, mobile offices and powered stations, and more. Contact us today for a bid or consultation!

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